What is Viral burst?

Viral Burst is a Snapchat marketing agency centered around connecting big snapchat influencers with brands, artists, marketers, athletes, and others who are looking for exposure. Viral Burst reaches a total of 10-20 million viewers daily. Let’s get connected.


why snapchat

Out of all the massive social media platforms, Snapchat has proven time and time again, to bring out the creative side of their users. We pride ourselves in working with brands that feel the same way.


why us

We have the most dedicated team of workers that are hands on day/night 24/7, we have one of the largest fanbases on snapchat currently, and we have the results to back it all up!


our services

Brand consulting, creative designing, and growth strategizing are just a few of the things we offer. We also have the power to burst your product/brand to ten’s of millions of dedicated snapchat users.